Fifty years of dedication. From the small town of Altamura in Southern Italy, Maxdivani has been creating fine leather furniture for years. From his workshop, founder Rocco Ferri worked hard to stablish Maxdivani as a Market leader.

Formenti, prestigious leader in furniture production and quality has always been active in selecting materials and fi nishing according to strict criteria. The Formenti offers a wide range of products fully adaptable to the needs of each customer.

Our home is unique because has got its own story, own aestheticism and demands. This is Valmori's starting point for the creation of its sofas, chairs and furniture complements because each of us express an absolute individual choice.


Our Company is very proud to state that our production is made only in Italy. Tonin Casa is been creating since 30 years ago. The concepts are a perfect synthesis of beauty and funcionality, merging the feelings of trends together with genuine Italian Design.


Rossetto contemporary Italian bedroom and dining furniture offers the latest modern Italian design. Unique design and the finest durable construction make this furniture extraordinary.